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Dashboard for Pre-Paid Users - Premium

$15-$29 depending on quantity. These user accounts are managed via a Dashboard, whose price is now included with your purchase of users. Give us one business day to set up your dashboard (if this is a new account) or add them to the counter on an existing dashboard.
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Like an Access Code, the Dashboard allows you to give pre-paid access to Style Matters to your users.  But the Dashboard provides additional management tools that some trainers need:
  • one page tracking of all users,
  • easy communication with large number of users (you can send a message to all users on your dashboard with a single click)
  • ability to download all user scores in a single download and aggregate them in a spreadsheet;
  • ability to delay delivery of score reports to users;
  • automated single-click login for users (Access code users must enter their name, email address, and code when they register; Dashboard users just click on the link you send them and are automatically logged in.   

Trainers must enter names and emails of their users into the dashboard (manually or via a .csv file), which takes 10-30 seconds per user and spend a few minutes learning how to use the dashboard.  

Note to previous purchasers of the Dashboard:  In the past we sold the dashboard as one item and user rights as an additional item.   We now sell them together.   When you buy a given number of users, the dashboard comes with the purchase price.