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Meet Libra!

These Conflict Coaches are designed by multi-disciplinary experts
and powered by ChatGPT4o.


AI is everywhere.  It's magical!  But harnessing its full power for specific purposes requires depth in multiple disciplines.  Our development team is deeply experienced in conflict resolution, communication, classroom training, instructional design, and web technology.   World, meet Libra! 

Like the character in mythology, Libra chatbots bring balance, perspective, and wisdom to real-life challenges.   Drawing from our own proprietary peacebuilding materials and the vast resources of the web, each has a specific purpose.

Libra Live

Get help now.

Describe a real-life conflict situation you face and Libra Live will suggest tools and concepts to help.  If you'd like, she'll get practical on the spot, with explanations, demonstrations and roleplays to take things to a level you can use.

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Libra Learning

Design rich learning experiences.

Design rich learning experiences in conflict resolution.   Generate a learning module for yourself.  Or use it to design learning for others.  Crafted by specialists in conflict resolution, instructional design, and management of change, Libra Learning interviews you and suggests comprehensive learning materials in response, complete with suggested goals and measurable results, content for each session, reading materials, learning exercises, roleplays, and more.

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TRY LIBRA FOR FREE: Just click on either image above. Register with an email and a password to receive 100 free credits, enough for half an hour or more of interaction.  For a few dollars you can easily purchase more.  We can make special arrangements if you need to give your users anonymous or no-cost access. 

Be aware of these limitations:

  1. Libra is smart and confident, but she's fallible!  She draws on what others have written, in a vast search using terms in your inputs. The results are often startlingly helpful, but they are sometimes wrong!   Essential in this process: Your intelligence to evaluate everything she offers.  Is that really any different than with human beings?  Her best quality is boundless patience - she doesn't get annoyed when you push back!
  2. Currency in time.  The data powering ChatGPT goes only till April, 2023.  Responses regarding public info about events since then are out of date.

  3. Human Oversight and Confidentiality: Libra operates autonomously, overseen by humans who monitor interactions periodically in logs for technical purposes.  At Riverhouse we don't and won't share this info with anyone but this is new technology and we don't yet know exactly how ChatGPT uses it.  We think caution is in order - consider altering info you input in order to protect confidentiality.   
  4. Not a Substitute for Professional Advice: The information provided by Libra, like any bot, does not rise to the level of "professional advice".  Consult a qualified expert for matters requiring professional judgment.

  5. Use at Your Own Risk: Your use of Libra and reliance on her responses are at your own risk. We disclaim any liability for any damages or losses that may arise from her use.

By using these chatbots, you acknowledge and agree to these terms. If you do not agree with these terms, please refrain from using Libra.

We are actively experimenting and learning about how to use Libra.  We would love to hear your ideas and requests!

Ron Kraybill

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