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Anonymous User Access

This version allows users to take Style Matters anonymously, without entering name or email into our system. Users must print out their score report immediately after taking the inventory as there is no email followup. Available to trainers, ordering 4 or more user rights.
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Responding to rising concerns about protecting user data, we now offer Style Matters in an anonymous version.   At no point are the end user's name, email address, or other identifiable data recorded.

When you order this version as trainer, we send you a special link to our site that you email to your users.   When a user clicks this link to go to our site, he or she is identified as "Anonymous User" in our system with no names or email address required.   The user MUST print out the score report at the time of taking the inventory, as no retrieval later is possible.  Trainers can opt to receive copies of all user score reports taken via their Anonymous User account but there is no way of knowing who the user was (unless users tell the trainer what time they took the inventory, in which case a trainer could select the score report that arrived in email at the same time).

Satisfied users of this version include several western Canadian locations where provincial guidelines for web security are high.

After you order as trainer, we will send you a link to email to your users.  When they click on it, they will land in the first page of the inventory, already logged in as an Anonymous User.   All they have to do is answer the questions and then print out their score report.  

The minimum order is four users.   Please give us a full business day to do the setup.