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With a growing network of trainers who are experienced in leading conflict styles workshops with Style Matters, in 2017 we've begun a directory so groups and organizations who want the assistance of an experienced trainer can locate candidates.

If you would like to request a trainer, please send us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., indicating:

  • Location of training
  • Date
  • Number of participants and type of group

We'll come back to you with candidates, and for each a CV and summary of their experience training with Style Matters.  
Based on that information, you can decide which, if any candidates look right for you.
All arrangements, financial and otherwise, are between you and the trainer.  Riverhouse will serve only as initial matchmaker.


Optimize for learning

Train with tools designed by trainers and optimized for learning. Direct attention beyond numbers to core strengths, opportunities for growth, and strategic choices.

Prepare for diversity

Build conflict resolution skills in settings where managing differences is challenging. Use training tools with built-in cultural flexibility. Provide opportunities to discuss how diverse backgrounds shape habits in conflict.

Be practical

Ground learning in affirmation of existing strength. Give clear, simple feedback on areas of concern. Provide detailed suggestions for options to improve.

Be stress aware

Calm≠Storm. Recognize response to conflict as dynamic and not single state.  Give tools to manage the Storm Shift.

Be where they are

Provide multi-platform delivery of training. Support groups and teams scattered physically and working together online. Use time-saving web tools to facilitate learning for individuals, teams, or groups, in face-to-face workshops or online.

Work with limits

Price training materials in reach of all who need them. Reduce prep, coordination, and delivery time with trainer-friendly online tools. Deliver rich learning, on location or online, in less time, with less travel.

Take a long view

Expand the window of learning and support reflection before, during, and after workshops. Set up rich discussion in pairs, small groups, and large groups. Followup with resources for continued growth.  Facilitate journeys, not events.