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Trainer Kathy Galleher on Using Style Matters

Consultant Oma Drawas on Using Style Matters

What Trainers Say About Style Matters

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So Much to Teach

More Teachable Moments in Less Time at Half the Cost

Style Matters is a low-cost alternative to the Thomas Kilmann with more features and greater user-friendliness.
 - Designed for use with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.
 - Scores for Calm and Storm conditions, reflecting up-to-date understandings of impact of stress.
 - Online version with detailed 10 page score report $6.50-$7.95 per user.   Paper version for $6.95-$9.95.
 - Trainer Dashboard to manage users, track score reports and communicate. 

Trainers say about Style Matters:

"It's a great success....  I've been using it for years with everyone from commodity traders to public works employees to teachers and police officers, and find it much more 'meaty' than Thomas-Kilmann or others."  
                      Fran Sepler, President, Sepler & Associates
                      Minneapolis, MN

"...much more helpful than the Thomas-Kilmann instrument which I had used before and lacks distinction between anxious and non-anxious settings." 
                    Jonathon Eilert, Lead Pastor, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
                    Loveland, Ohio

"This has been a great instrument for the groups we have trained, especially with cross-cultural teams."
                    Larry Gay, Leadership Consultant and Coach

"We were previously using the Thomas-Kilman and have received a lot of positive feedback since the switch."
                    Michael E. Rhodes, LCSW, CPHQ, Director of Quality Improvement                   
                    Preferred Behavioral Health of NJ, 
Brick, NJ

"As an HR consultant team we found your inventory tool and trainer's guide to be very effective.  Thanks for developing such a great tool."
                    Naomi Shivelly, Shivelly L.L.C., Canton, GA

"We are extremely pleased and plan to use the tool whenever we train this particular workshop. We are also considering use in leadership and customer service training."
                   James Reynolds, Organizational Development and Training
                   Department of Consumer and Business Services, State of Oregon

"I use Style Matters in my basic mediation classes and in seminars for experienced conflict resolution professionals. Every time I use the inventory, participants become thoroughly engaged. In evaluations, they frequently write that they will use the information learned through the inventory."
                   Walter Wright, Associate Professor
                   Legal Studies Program, Department of Political Science
                  Texas State University, San Marcos, TX 

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Optimize for learning

Train with tools designed by trainers and optimized for learning. Direct attention beyond numbers to core strengths, opportunities for growth, and strategic choices.

Prepare for diversity

Build conflict resolution skills in settings where managing differences is challenging. Use training tools with built-in cultural flexibility. Provide opportunities to discuss how diverse backgrounds shape habits in conflict.

Be practical

Ground learning in affirmation of existing strength. Give clear, simple feedback on areas of concern. Provide detailed suggestions for options to improve.

Be stress aware

Calm≠Storm. Recognize response to conflict as dynamic and not single state.  Give tools to manage the Storm Shift.

Be where they are

Provide multi-platform delivery of training. Support groups and teams scattered physically and working together online. Use time-saving web tools to facilitate learning for individuals, teams, or groups, in face-to-face workshops or online.

Work with limits

Price training materials in reach of all who need them. Reduce prep, coordination, and delivery time with trainer-friendly online tools. Deliver rich learning, on location or online, in less time, with less travel.

Take a long view

Expand the window of learning and support reflection before, during, and after workshops. Set up rich discussion in pairs, small groups, and large groups. Followup with resources for continued growth.  Facilitate journeys, not events.