Resources for Style Matters Trainers

Resources For Trainers

Here's  what you need to design and implement an effective learning experience with Style Matters:
  • Trainers Big Guide to Successful Conflict Styles Training.    All trainers need this TrainersGuidePkge45 page guide to conflict styles training, for both paper and online versions.  It explains the five styles of conflict, the concepts of Calm and Storm, how to work with the cross-cultural aspects of Style Matters, and provides step-by-step guidance through a workshop.  

  • Trainers Small Guide to Style Matters Online.   Useful only to trainers using the Online Version,  this is a 10 page supplement to the big guide above. It assumes you have accept to knowledge of concepts described there and now applies them to training with the online version.   If you’re just facilitating a conversation, you can get by with just this supplement to design your discussion. If you’re expecting to give inputs in an active trainer role,  you should have both.   

  • Intro to Conflict Styles slide show, available in either traditional Powerpoint format or dynamic Prezi format.    This short slide show, free for online viewing and available for purchase offline, introduces core concepts of the five styles of conflict and serves as a great prelude to discussion of score reports.

  • Videos.  Several short videos help users interpret their scores on our site.  You might want to encourage your users to review one or several of them before a workshop.  You'll find them useful to you as a trainer as well, for modelling of how to present key concepts concisely.  

  • Handouts.   If you like to work from handouts, download these.   They are from the print version of Style Matters, but could be used in discussion of the line version too. 

  • Tutorial.  The tutorial on our website packs a lot of info about conflict styles into a few pages, on topics like the cross-cultural feature of Style Matters, the Storm shift, interpreting scores, anger management, and more.   

  • Assignments.  If you have students writing papers, see this blog post for ideas of assignments you could give.  With light adaptation, you could adapt these for use with coaching clients.

  • Ideas for setting up discussion.   The right questions and small group assignments make a huge difference in the impact your training has on learners.  Browse this page for a plethora of ideas for many purposes.   For example, there's a whole section of suggestions for colleagues who work together.  
  • Bibliography of free web resources on conflict styles.  This is an annotated bibliography of essays and web resources on conflict styles and topics potentially of interest for someone doing a deep dive into them.