How to Upload Many Users At Once into the Dashboard with a CSV file

You can quickly and easily import a large number of users into the Dashboard, if you first place them into a spreadsheet file and save it in CSV format.

The server is picky, so you should use a simple editor like Notepad (Windows) or Text Wrangler (Apple) to review the file before uploading it, to make sure that it fits the requirements below.

If you prefer we will do the upload for you for a modest charge in one to three days. Contact us for more info.

In creating the CSV file, it should look like this:


No spaces allowed anywhere in of the lines! The first line must have the words firstname, lastname, and email in it exactly as displayed above (plus Opt1 and Opt2 if you used them - see more about that in the paragraphs below), as that informs the server about the nature of the data provided in the following lines.

Then Save the file as a .csv file. You can create the file, if you prefer, in Excel or other spreadsheet program. But you MUST use Notepad (PC) or TextEdit or Text Wrangler (Mac) to review and save the final product. Programs like Excel insert extra characters that our server will not appreciate. A mistake will not cause damage, but your files won't load properly if you use a program that is adding extra characters.

If in the Save process your software gives you an option for Encoding, set it to UTF-8 and if there is an option for Line Breaks, set it to Unix (LF).

It is important that your file look exactly like the above, including the first line. If you make mistakes and the names show up in the dashboard wrong, simply archive the files using the global select option in the dashboard, then delete them from the archive, and start over! It's a good idea to do a trial upload with just one or two names to make sure you are doing it properly before uploading a complete set.

Be sure to read the instructions on using the Dashboard (see top menu item in the menu to the left of the dashboard). Especially if you have loaded a lot of users, there are a few simple things to know about how to navigate lists of users that will save you time.

You can add up to two additional categories of info for each name if you want by adding opt1,opt2 to the first line above. In this case, the first two lines in the file would look exactly like this:

Michael,Gerig,,ID-54,Orange Team

Remove apostrophes from names that have them. For example, enter O'Neil as ONeil. The server will skip over any names with apostrophes.

The server will also skip any names with an email address that has been previously entered in our database. For example, if you put in the list an entry with an email address that you used to place an order with us, that entry will not show up in the dashboard.

Then upload the CSV to the Dashboard, by clicking below on the Choose File button, selecting the file in your computer,and clicking Submit. If the upload is successful, you will immediately see a small notice on your screen indicating success.

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