Style Matters Online for Groups via Access Code

Order Style Matters Online for multiple users and pre-pay for them. You get your own Access Code by email as soon as you place your order, good for a set number of users, which you pass to your users.
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Trainers who want to pre-pay for their users have two options:  1) The Dashboard and 2) Access Code.

When you choose the latter, we give you an access code good for the number of users you have purchased.  You pass this to your users.  We suggest you send them an email that says something like the following:  

In preparation for the training day I've made arrangements for you to take the Style Matters conflict style inventory as a pre-paid user.    Go to and there click on the button on upper right that says “Login to Style Matters". You will be prompted to enter your name, email, a password and the Access Code, which is: [YOUR ACCESS CODE GOES HERE].  The code is letter case specific and you can easily copy and paste it from this email to the login.  

It takes about 10 minutes to take the inventory.  If you have difficulty with the website please try another browser.  The Riverhouse server usually gets along well with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, and Safari but not so well with Internet Explorer 7 (IE7 2007).  

Please print out a copy of your personal score report and bring it to our session on [DATE OF YOUR TRAINING SESSION].

Following those instructions, your users go to the front page of our site and use a special simplified login form (see it there yourself at any time) to login.  Then they are transferred straight to the inventory.

Should a Trainers Use Access Code or Dashboard? An advantage of the Coupon Access over the Dashboard is quick setup.  You just buy the access code and email it with instructions to users. Your users register themselves at time of taking the inventory, whereas the Dashboard requires you to register your users on your Dashboard to manage them. There's an investment of perhaps one minute per user to set up your dashboard.  The access code approach spares you that.

disadvantage of the Access Code is that it offers less ability to control and track use of the inventory than the Dashboard.  The Access Code Manager page does show you exactly who has used your coupon and when.  But you will not have all the capabilities of the Dashboard which include: ability to control the timing of when users receive their score report (some trainers want to delay that until the trainer is present), ability to view all reports yourself, a log of your interaction with each user, and easy aggregation of scores.  

When you order this product, you will receive your coupon code in the confirmation email that is sent to you as soon as you place your order.

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