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The Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory

Style Matters is a five-styles-of-conflict inventory designed to help users deal more effectively with conflict.   Users take a fifteen-minute quiz and based on this get scores on five different responses to conflict.   Style Matters then guides users in using these scores to identify the strengths and dangers associated with their preferred styles.

Style Matters is based on the same Mouton-Blake framework as the well-known Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Inventory, so it is easy for trainers who've worked with the Thomas Kilmann to make the switch.

Features that bring many trainers and consultants to switch to Style Matters include:

  • Written in clear prose
  • Cultural adaptability. Users get differing instructions suited to their cultural background, either individualist or collectivist. This feature can be ignored in settings where this is not enough time to use it.
  • Differentiation between Calm and Storm settings recognizes that many people's response to conflict changes when emotions rise.
  • A full page of discussion questions makes it perfect for small group settings
  • Practical Tips to help each style function at its best - a full page for each style!
  • Free accompanying Trainers Guide
  • Available in print version, PDF file with rights to reproduce, or full-scale online version.

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