Style Matters Online for Groups via Dashboard

Trainers: With this pack you can order Style Matters Online pre-paid for multiple users and manage them via a Dashboard equipped with powerful user management tools. Price includes Dashboard setup and ten User Accounts.
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Sales price $99.95

Consultant Dashboard bundled with 10 User Accounts

Get the Consultant Dashboard bundled with 10 user accounts, all set up for you to register your students or consultees, and save 20%. Please allow up to 2 business days after purchase for your account to be configured with User Rights.

About the Dashboard

View Instruction Manual for Dashboard

What you can do: Register users and, with a single click, email them instructions for taking the inventory (It takes 30-60 seconds per user to register and notify users.) Monitor who has taken the inventory and who has not. View, print, or email user scores. Create a group report of all the users in your group with ease with an Excel spreadsheet printout. Track number of users and see at a glance how many accounts you have purchased that remain unused.

Includes Score Review Management: Some trainers want their users to review scores only in a workshop or as part of a conversation with the trainer. The Consultant Dashboard enables you to toggle a setting that sends the score report to the trainer rather than making it available to the user. After users take the inventory they simply see a screen notice (see below bottom) that scores have been sent to the trainer. Trainers then use the Dashboard to view, print, download in PDF, or email the Score Report to users.


Monitor at a glance who has taken the inventory and who has not.
Email the Score Report directly to any user at a time of your choosing with a single click, without having to open it or type an email address. Want to view or print out a Score Report, or save it as a PDF file for easy access later? Download it with one click. Or perhaps you want a group score?  Export scores and in a few seconds you’ll have all scores in one Excel spreadsheet, ready for aggregation and analysis.  And there’s more….

Manage user access to the Score Report. Style Matters is normally set up so users get immediate access to their scores in a six page Interpretive Report and a self-guided tutorial for further study. But some trainers want users to get their Score Report later, as part of a face-to-face conversation or during a workshop. That’s easy with the Dashboard. After users answer the last question in the inventory, the report is emailed directly to you and users see the screen below.   The next step is up to you.

Screenshot shows view as user finishes the questions in an Online Inventory set up with the Dashboard set for option to block user from seeing scores.


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