Take Your Responses in Conflict to a New Level

With your score report in hand, this page will show you how to get maximum benefit from Style Matters, and incorporate important insights into your daily life and work. Start with reviewing the Basics videos - their content is useful to everyone. Then select those videos from the Expanded group that address questions you'd like further help with.


Intro to Score Report. Author Ron Kraybill introduces Style Matters and how it developed. Conflict is unavoidable but conflict can actually be a powerful force for good if we manage it properly.
Start with Strengths (You're Better than You Think). In reviewing your conflict styles, start by taking a careful look at the benefits of the styles you are using. Even if you don't like the way you've been dealing with conflict, there are some benefits from those responses that deserve recognition. Recognizing them is a good place to start, even if you're hoping to revise them.