Free Trainer Support Materials

Trainer's Guide to Conflict Style Workshops

conflict style trainers guideWith this straightforward guide, anyone with basic group facilitation skills can lead a successful conflict styles workshop.  It packs years of experimentation into 20 pages of proven strategies for conflict styles training.  Spend prep time polishing training design, not rough-drafting it!  Download now - it’s free

    Intro to Conflict Styles in Powerpoint

intro to conflict styles in powerpointOverview of key concepts underlying the 5 styles-of-conflict framework.  Ten slides in 2 minutes.  Perfect to kick off the interpretation section of a workshop.  View free on our site at any time.  Free download comes with Premium purchase.  Others download and take it with you for only $24.95

Intro to Conflict Styles in Prezi

Prezi Conflict styles introSimilar to above, but in flowing Prezi format and 25% longer.  View it free on our site and free download comes with Premium level purchases.   Others download and take it with you for $49.95.   It's like Powerpoint with motion!

    Guide to Online Resources on Conflict Styles

intro to conflict styles in powerpointAnnotated collection of online resources related to conflict styles and conflict resolution training.  Topics include culture, gender, research, anger management, negotiation and problem-solving skills.  Review it now and come back when you need it.

    Free Review PDF of Style Matters

conflict styles bookletDownload a free review copy in PDF of our five-styles-of-conflict, 24 page Style Matters conflict style inventory.  Find out about history, validation and who uses it here. Portions blacked out to prevent unauthorized use. We will never release your info to anyone else.