New Trainer’s Guide

If you’re planning a workshop using Style Matters Online, see the new Training Outline for Style Matters OnlineThis is a 5 page trainer’s guide for a workshop 1-2 hours in length with users who’ve taken the online version of Style Matters and have its detailed score report in hand.

Don’t miss, of course, our long-standing primary training resource, the Trainers Guide to Successful Conflict Styles Workshops. That’s a comprehensive 40 page guide you can download free, covering a variety of issues in conflict styles training. 

But the large guide is oriented to the print version of Style Matters.  This new 5 page addition is specifically for the online version of Style Matters and assumes participants each have a printout in hand of the 8-10 page score report created by the online version. 

We made significant upgrades in 2017 to the score report of the online version.  These make it easier than ever to lead an engaging workshop on conflict styles, even without previous experience as a conflict styles trainer.   

Our algorithm examines each user’s data in multiple ways, identifies patterns, and responds with detailed suggestions for maximizing a user’s responses to conflict resolution.   Only a very experienced trainer in a workshop setting with a good bit of time would be able to match the thoroughness and depth of this digitally-created score report.

Anyone with basic group facilitation skills can use the new Training Outline to easily design and lead a learning and reflection process based on Style Matters Online.

See an infographic on options for delivering Style Matters Online to users here.