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Trainer Kathy Galleher on Using Style Matters

Consultant Oma Drawas on Using Style Matters

What Trainers Say About Style Matters

Whereas some people show a preference for one style in Storm conditions, your numbers suggest that when things heat up and you are upset, you have an equal preference for two or more styles. This is good in that it means you are versatile. In general, we function better in conflict when we are good at all styles. Then we can more easily choose appropriately for the circumstances.

One possible downside of versatility is unpredictability. Those who know you well may be unsure what to expect when you are upset since you have several styles that you equally prefer. But that’s a small downside that you can easily address if you communicate your needs and intentions to others.

Study each style in which you scored high in Storm, since you probably use all of them when stress or emotions are high. You will be better able to choose the right style for the moment if you understand the strengths and limitations of each.